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National Medical Fellowship

The National Medical Fellowships (NMF) Service-Learning Programs provide special opportunities for students to work hands-on to enhance healthcare delivery in underrepresented communities. These programs match students with mentors, often eminent NMF alumni, and focus on areas of critical clinical/public health need. *Click on a program name to learn each program’s eligibility and requirements.*

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Higher Education Grants for African American Students

To help reduce debt after graduation, minorities including African Americans may be eligible for federal, state, and privately funded education grants to help them earn a college degree. There are several need- and merit-based grants for post-secondary education available to African Americans, including those specific to women, men, or for students pursuing a specific field of study, such as engineering or science. Grant amounts typically range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. As is the case for many grants, recipients may be required to reapply for funds annually and/or receive additional funds based on their academic progress.

Students applying to African American grants for education must be African American. Federal education grants are typically awarded based on the applicant’s financial needs, as determined initially by the FAFSA. State and privately funded African American grants may have separate or additional requirements based on the applicant’s place of residence, level of academic achievement, or planned course of study.

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Levin-Goffe Scholarship for LGBTQI Immigrants

The Levin-Goffe Scholarship was established to help support undocumented immigrants pursuing higher education in New York City who also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI). The Stonewall Community Foundation is offerering this scholarship for the fourth year. The scholarship will help offset some of the financial burdens immigrant students may face, while investing in the future of the LGBTQI community.
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NEW Leadership New York (NLNY)

NEW Leadership New York (NLNY), is a program of the Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) at the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society (CWGCS). In partnership with the National Education for Women’s(NEW) Leadership Network, a bi-partisan program to educate college women about the political process and teach them to become effective leaders, NEW LeadershipTM New York is the first and only program of its kind in New York State.  A week-long, residential undergraduate leadership development program for women, NLNY strives to instill the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for effective political engagement and community organizing.

Check out the NEW Leadership New York brochure. For additional information and to download the application visit or contact Abigya Eshete directly at 518.442.3898 and at